Due Yesterday!

I can't believe I haven't written about this wonderful piece of FREE software that students can use. I fell in love with this a few years ago when I was doing development for Palm OS devices and going to school at the same time. The advantages of using this over the standard date book are numerous. First everything is categorized by class, and creating a new assignment with details is easy as a few taps and scribbles. If you're diligent enough to put in all your class detail and professor information, you never have to go fishing around to find out when the prof's office hours are and you can always copy and paste their email address into the devices built-in web browser for a quick firing off emails. With a single tap on the application it will tell you when and what your next assignment is that is due and the list view shows you all classes with current assignments. Completed assignments can be hidden from view, and for a delightful surprise at the end of the semester, can be unhidden to see the trail of pleasure (or torture in some case) that you traversed. 

 So for all you students out there with a Palm OS device, give it a try. Might just save your grade!


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