Notebook vs Chad: Rnd 1

Actually, maybe this is sort of the introduction at the fights. That guy that does the UFC official fights should be announcing... hm. That doesn't feel quite right either. Maybe more like a first date after meeting through some friends initially.

Downloading the latest Java from Sun, and looks like I've got about 10 minutes so I thought I'd post some comments and pictures and stuff. 

  1. Hardware review
    • Need to get a 4200 RPM HDD
    • Performed BIOS all updates.
  2. Fedora Setup comments
    • The F9 install went pretty well Friday morning. Got into it that night though and realized I hadn't selected to install KDE and could not figure out how to get the install software dialog to show anything helpful in the way of categorized information. (As compared to pirut in F8 and prior).
    • KDE 4 is very different from KDE 3; probably at least as great of a difference from XP to Vista is. Everything is pretty sleek looking but the interface is not really something I'm enjoying yet and I can't figure out how to configure everything like I'm used to. And started to wonder if some of it even exists anymore. (Middle mouse button click on Desktop pops up main app window..   or at least I USED to be able to set it that way!)
    • The Livna repository worked great, and installed the NVidia drivers, which also worked great.
    • Enabled desktop effects. Effects are a little disappointing. Again, can't figure out how to get a desktop-cube to show up (might be gone) and wobbly windows also gone. Not great for use for everyday stuff, but darn fun eye-candy to enable in a coffee shop and show off to those Mac geeks. 
    • Found the ASUS-OLED project for the little 128x32 dot matrix display above the keyboard for linux. Was thinking about starting a project to do that because figured no one else had but there it is!
    • After performing updates on F9, the taskbar comes up all funky. Worried that maybe I the nvidia driver might need to be force reinstalled or something to catch up. Bums me out.
    • Over-all seriously considering changing over to F8 for the time being. Need to be productive at work and not all the time trying to re-work my way around my machine.
  3. Windows Vista comments
    • Getting used to it! I'm actually adapting much quicker to this than I thought I would. And it's not quite nearly as annoying as I was expecting. Guess it's one of those expecting terrible and got mediocre so it feels good. Whatever.
    • All the bonus software from ASUS is nicely integrated in with the video card controls and so forth.
    • Picture and file management aren't terrible. Found quite a few handy backgrounds from a site with 1920 in the name of the address. (Google: widescreen background and you should find it).
    • Wireless connectivity isn't quite as easy and I think I've seen from vendors of WiFi cards, but it's a tad better than XP. Took me about 10 - 15 min of playing and had it all up and going.
Think that's all for this, going to detail out a laundry list of todo items, probably as a blog and get to work. Or maybe just go to sleep.
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