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Before I get back to Boise I thought I'd write a review about Verizon Wireless's Internet package. I purchased the service about a week ago for my trip to Monana and I was pleasantly VERY surprised with how well it works. I even managed to get an ad-hoc network setup and bridged over so people could use my laptop as a router to the internet. (Although that was tempermental, mostly due to Windows) Anyway! Props to VZW! I'll update this when I cancel it tomorrow and let everyone know how well the "ala carte" or "pro-rated" service contract thing goes. 


--- Update ---


So I haven't cancelled this yet; going to keep it till around the end of this week for work. And if I stay working as a contractor I might even keep it for write off purposes, it's so handy! I guess I should also mention how much I love my LG Dare because that is what I'm using as the modem for the laptop. I haven't done this over bluetooth yet, but mostly because I don't want to always be draining my phones battery, and my laptop charges my phone. It's almost scary when various pieces of tech come together and just work. 

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