Aineko bids you welcome!

At about 10 am this morning, I switched the port direction from Vidar to Aineko, so roughly at that time Aineko went live. Translated, I set my router to point from my old server to the new! Not very exciting but it was a ton of work to get everything moved and triple checked that everything would work once the old one was shut down. I had problems with the oddest things, and of course it's always the things that you DONT expect to give you problems that do. For instance the job scheduler that updates my dynamic IP address shoulda been cake. Oh and the BitTorrent client I use!? What's the deal CentOS?? You can't seem to manage to package one up in the normal repository. Points lost on that. So far I give it a B+ for stability stuff and ease of setting up "normal" server stuff, such as getting a LAMP server going. It also definitely scores no more than a C- on all the other user friendly stuff that I'm used to. So that's what.. a B-/C+ over all? Feels about right. At least it's done! And the server IS much faster. Enjoy : )

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