Guess it's been awhile again since I've given any kind of an update. I probably should do this more often for my own documentary reasons. At any rate..

Everything considered, stuff is going pretty well. Had my interview with a small startup company, MIM, last Friday and from everything that was said, it looks like I have the job. But I've got my interview with HP this Thursday. So now it gets interesting. There are pros and cons to both of course. The small startup would offer me a lot in the way of interesting projects and access and control (or at least sole-responsibility for) a large portion of the project. I'd be working on the server portion, and it's going to need to be very scalable. The down side is that there aren't really any immediate benefits financially. Lower wage, and no medical etc. But stock options that could eventually turn out to be very lucrative. On the flip-side of all that is HP. Stable position, stable work, stable everything. Slow and steady and .. possibly dull. But of course better financial options. Well, who knows. We'll see how the interview actually goes, it might be that they grill me for a while and tell me to go home. haha

All in all it's been a few rather interesting months. The code challenges I've actually enjoyed, especially the PHP project down in Vegas. It's funny in a way, I can't believe that they'd no be interested in me simply because I didn't rate myself as the best developer ever. I never said I wasn't good. I suppose this should be a lesson to me to not "sell myself short" but I still like to look at it as "not over-selling" myself. Frankly if they are too..  pessimistic to think that because I didn't give myself a 10/10 rating as a PHP hacker, then they can suffer whoever they did hire. *smirk* Who'd want to be a PHP development anyway when you can do C or Java??

Working at the gym has been a very interesting experience. Actually it's a bunch of interesting experiences. The getting up at 4am thing I discovered I really can be a morning person a few days a week and kind of like it. I think why I always ended up going into Micron so late is that I hate going in with the masses. I guess actually I already knew that I liked that, I went into work at Micron a few times really early, until they axed that out. Anyway, the other side is seeing how "health services" are actually sold and what they have to do to make money. On the one hand, I know to some extent that have to use the methods that they do. Working out is something everyone needs to do a a gym is the most common way of really being able to push yourself. And sometimes you have to convince people of that. But .. the convincing sometimes is just too ..  underhanded for my taste. It seems to me that if you really have something that people need and want, then it should sell itself. Capitalism does rule all, but convincing us that we NEED things when we really don't seem like a terrible business model. Anyway, it's been a real education in evaluating what I want and think I need before I even go into a store. 

Guess that's enough ranting and blabbing for now..

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