General Update

June 1st! Unbelieavable. This time of the year always feels so weird to me for some reason; almost like a "New Years" of sorts. 

So obviously I finally graduated, which is SO nice. I got an email from the registrar's dept last week confirming that they did in fact receive my transcript from U of I  and processed it, so it's about as official as it gets until my diploma shows up. But I'm not holding my breath for that just yet, I have faith that something will come up between now and July when it's supposed to be here. 

Work is going along pretty well, starting to feel more comfortable with the code that we're working on and the project in general. With it being a startup company it's hard to continuously think that the product will do as well as we hope, but there are days too when we expect it to do at least that well. Which is both exciting and draining at the same time. It's a fun place to work and I like my co-workers. Can't ask for much more than that really.

I used to do this "Personal Project" list at the beginning of summer, and try to cram a whole bunch in before school started again, but ..  it won't be starting again. !!! : ) After 10 years you have to give me a little room to be stoked about it, it's going to be a very weird feeling. Almost thinking I'll miss it actually. Crisp morning bike rides, new clothes and pencils and shoes and .. well, ok so I stopped having all that in high school, but there will always be a freshness associated with the start of the school year for me.

Money situation will be a little different here on out for me too, so my project list is going to change some. Right now I've got a decent laundry list for both my car and bike. This summer will be rather busy with traveling all over the place too. And of course I've got my own software projects I'm going to keep working on in the meantime (at least that part not only expands my mind some more, but doesn't cost me anything) 

All in all, it feels very much like Jan 1st, not June 1st..

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