Without Windows (segment 1)

First comments I've got are regarding on how I got to this point (No windows on my main PC). Essentially I've been forced into this position. My first idea was to just use VMWare or M$'s answer to that, VirualMachine 2007 or something along those lines. Well, the install of FC6 went ok, and it worked under VMWare and if I only need to do occasional stuff in it, it would be great. But I dont. I spend hours hacking out C code for various weird classes I take. So that wasn't going to cut it. Next I thought I'd do the dual boot thing. Now, I should mention here I've seen hundreds of these setups work on lots of my friends computers and never expected any trouble. But for some reason my 160gig Hitachi HDD couldn't be partitioned to work with Linux to save it's life (tried using Partition Magic 8 in Windows first, and then resulted to formatting and deleting the volumes on the drive which for some reason still wouldn't work). So. Out came the spare 30 gig hard drive. 

The install went fine, used to the DVD ISO. (As opposed to my Inspiron 8100 troubles) Recompiled the 2.6.20 kernel and installed Nvidia's driver. Rebooted and FULLY expected the "Desktop-effects" to be "enable-able". Nope. Well, no big worries. With my FX6200 graphics card I know that I can make it work somehow with some elbow-grease and time. I was getting around 1700 frame/sec on the glxgears, which seems slightly above average from a quick browse online. Then I started digging around in the "KDE Environment" of the "add/remove programs". Found two small GUI applications that really enhance the desktop manager. Kooldock and Kompose'. Kooldock is a taskbar replacement as far as I'm concerned. Put your frequently used programs in the quick launch area, put your start (K) button in there for access to everything else. Your current applications show up on it when you run them just like the average task bar. And best of all, it's got the one of the slickest auto-hide features I've ever seen. So when you're not looking for your tasks or applications, you don't see them until you hover your mouse over the lowest part of the screen. The other, Kompose', gives you a top-view of all your desktops with running programs neatly arranged so you can see them all. To switch to a different desktop or application, move your mouse over it and click. To activate the preview, setup a global-short cut. Windows-key+tab is the default. I had problems with this (my windows key might not work) so I changed it to "ctrl-tab" but it works just fine with that. 

My only problem so far with the change from Windows to FC6 is multimedia stuff. XMMS seems to be the best answer for replacing my dear old Winamp. But having to download all the seperate plugins just to play the music was kind of disappointing. Also, I'm running into a problem with trying to access a shared folder(via Samba) on my FC5 server. I can see the folders and files, but can't r/w/x them. More on this later.

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