Without Windows(Segment 4)

I guess it's been a while since I've written anything about my progress / experiment of using Linux as my OS on my main PC. I think I've got most of the issues resolved that I was complaining about.

- Mapped network drive access:  resolved with an update of samba. Appears there was a bug in it when connecting from a FC6 box to an FC5 box.

- XMMS locked out of sound device: I'm currently "rediscovering my music" with Amarok. It really is a great application.

 - DVD/CD burning seems to work just fine using K3b, a KDE application for such purposes. I haven't tried any tricky DIvx to Mpeg format conversion / burning yet, but probably with some googling, I should be able to get it to work.

- Palm Device: I still haven't risked trying to sync up with the linux version of Palm Desktop as yet. My biggest fear is that the application I most use it for (Due Yesterday, a homework tracking util) won't sync up with it. 

Here's some new stuff I found in the last few weeks:

- There's a new icon set out that's pretty slick. I can't recall what the name of it is off hand, but I seem to remember reading something about them maybe being included in the next release of Fedora.

 - Eclipse. Probably the BIGGEST discovery for me on here yet. After using editor/konsole/ddd for C development, this really is a blessing. I was super hesitant to use it at first, frankly the few times I saw people using it, it didn't look like a real dev tool. Especially compared to something like M$ Visual .NET stuff. It really has changed my life (albeit only in matters of programming for me). 

That's all for now. : )


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