Fedora 7 .. "Wonky" too?


Like a lot of other people around the world, I eagerly sat awaiting the finish of the Fedora 7 DVD download. And my first goal, as a lot of other people's, was to check it out, set it up on a virtual machine and see how the install went and what changes had been made and so forth. And unfortunately, as many others, I found the wonderful lockup issue that occurs when trying to use Microsoft's Virtual PC to install it onto. Then I went to VMWare, which does actually work, but don't try increasing the resolution or anything like that. It also fails to install VMWare Tools (because the kernel doesn't support it I believe. Can't remember what error message I got). 

So my next endeavor was to install it as dual-boot on my main machine. After MUCH searching I discovered again I'm not alone with my issue. The machine starts the install process but when it comes time to examine the hard drive partitions to install to, it locks up. My machine, as with lots and lots of others out there, came with a "fakeraid" or software raiding ability. Windows sees my RAID 0 partition as one big drive. But linux is smart (dumb?) enough to have it's own software raid driver/utility. True it's actually better performance, but I just want it to work at this point. So I have to figure out some way to run it in a compatibility mode..  some kind of driver overlay or something. I'll update this more as I continue; my final resolution for this might just be to put in a PATA drive and install Fedora 7 on that and use my bios to choose which OS to boot from. How fun will that be!