Sun's Java on Fedora 6 and later

# /usr/sbin/alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /usr/java/jre1.5.0_09/bin/java 1509
 //use numerals representing the correct version of java in the above line
# alternatives --config java
//select suns java version 
# java -version

Something else I dug up, have root add the 4 items to the end of /etc/bashrc and it seems to work great.

Reading the documentation that comes with the JDK, we find that there is no need to set the CLASSPATH or JDK_HOME environments. Whilst this is true for the JDK itself, I have found that there are some applications that expect these environments to be set. In any case setting them will not cause you any harm and I recommend you take the following steps to install the JDK correctly:

  1. export PATH=$PATH:{JDK_HOME}/bin
  2. export JDK_HOME={JDK_HOME}
  3. export JAVA_HOME={JDK_HOME}
  4. export CLASSPATH=./:{JDK_HOME}/lib/
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