Fedora 8

Haven't used this extensively yet, but have a few things to comment on.


Did a parallelized install, but in that I mean I walked my friend Greg through it at the same time I was doing it. And it worked great! (Mostly at least). There were a few hiccups along the way for both of us, but largely everything is working as it was supposed to after a few hours. 

Look and Feel

The wallpapers, colors and schemes are a bit more professional than anything I've seen in FC5, which I definitely approve of. Getting the special effects setup was very easy through the livna repository for NVIDIA drivers. I was even able to get Greg walked through it by phone and a few logins to his machine remotely. The only real issue we had was that the external power cable wasn't hooked up to the vid card and the X server knew it! I thought that was very cool, if not somewhat annoying. If I'd only had him read the fail details the first time rather than assuming the livna driver install had failed....

Compiz Fusion seems very well put together but I can't find the window picker effect in it! I'm hoping this is just something of a user error on my  part.

More about the install of Java and running gcc on it later..

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