Aineko is up!

I just wanted to write a quick post announcing that Aineko, my new server, is up and going! And by that, I mean that it has an OS (CENT 5.2, 64 bit) installed and NXServer is up and working. (In fact I'm actually posting this from a session on Aineko.) It's also hanging from the ceiling of the laundry room down in the garage. I managed to dig up an old hub and for now I'm splitting the 125ft CAT-5 cable that runs down there and later I'll just couple it with the cable it's currently on when I put Vidar to rest.

I feel a bit like celebrating now!

I should mention that I had a few issues getting NX Server up and going on it, but I think most of the issues were with the fact that I tried using the 32-bit version of the server software with the 64 bit OS. I actually didn't intend to try to even use the 32 bit, it was an accidental download. It would connect, the key would be ok, the user cred's would be ok, but it would fail at the last second. "Failure to negotiate the session in stage'7' " I think the error was. I dug around for an answer for a while, nothing really helped until I just happened to notice that. Anyway! Off to the races!

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