Verizon Wireless / LG Dare / Fedora 8 Miracles!

In all seriousness, this shook the ground for me tonight:


found an easy way to do it

using KPPP as long as system sees modem selecting that modem and then creating an account using the dialing number #777 then you enter the:

user name : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
password: vzw

connect and at that point is should connect.

i also ran through the minicom in terminal to see if it can even dial out and it did so for sure it was possible at that point

thank you all for your assistance.

from here:


In short what this does is allow me to connect to my Verizon Wireless broadband service; the ground shaking part is that ITS THROUGH MY LG DARE ON MY LAPTOP ON FEDORA!!

To be honest, I thought this was impossible. Or very near it. I was actually going to cancel the service tomorrow because almost all my work is done exclusively on Linux. Turns out all my searching was -too- specific. Fedora 8 and up sees most modern USB modems properly, the hardware is ready to be used as  USB 1.1 device. It just doesn't know what to do with it! KPPP knows exactly what to do with it. Make it a modem! 

There aren't really any other technical details to provide with the above excerpt; I used the defaults on everything else and got a "connected" window. I did have to disconnect it, shutdown the KNetwork Manager completely (even after disabling my normal wifi card) and re-connect using the KPPP. Hope this helps someone! Verzion, you need to market some linux compatibility! 


Posting this from the remarkable setup  above..

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