Phosphor screen saver under Fedora

 To enable the text box on the phosphor screen saver in Fedora, the xml file at /usr/share/xscreensaver/config/phosphor.xml  should look like below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<screensaver name="phosphor" _label="Phosphor">
  <command arg="-root"/>
  <number id="delay" type="slider" arg="-delay %"
          _label="Speed" _low-label="Slow" _high-label="Fast"
          low="0" high="80000" default="50000"
  <number id="scale" type="spinbutton" arg="-scale %"
          _label="Font Scale" low="1" high="100" default="6"/>
  <number id="fade" type="slider" arg="-ticks %"
          _label="Fade" _low-label="Slow" _high-label="Fast"
          low="1" high="100" default="20"
  <select id="mode">
    <option id="dumb" _label="Text Only" arg-set="-pipe"/>
    <option id="pty"  _label="Terminal Emulation"/>
 <file id="program" _label="Text Program" arg="-program %"/>
  <xscreensaver-text />
Draws a simulation of an old terminal, with large pixels and
long-sustain phosphor.  This program is also a fully-functional VT100
Written by Jamie Zawinski; 1999.


Also don't forget to use an OUTPUT program to print your text file, something such as 'cat'! ie: cat /home/username/myCoolTextfile.txt 

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