CentOS and NTFS

For the last two days or so I've been trying to get my new server up and running so I can retire the old one. One of the things I've recently had to tackle is CentOS 5's complete LACK of native kernel support for NTFS. Here's some tips and tricks I had to pull along the way. The basic gist is that you need the NTFS-3G kernel driver and the FUSE driver (? not sure what it really is, assume it's a driver). Currently I'm running the 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5xen x86_64 SMP kernel, and couldn't find any rpm's to do the job, so I did it from source. Thankfully it all worked fine. Note: You will need your kernel headers somewhere, or installed. For CentOS,  yum install kernel-devel kernel-xen-devel should do the trick

NTFS-3G driver





Following the instructions on ./configure, make, make install and it worked fine. Fuse will need to be in place before NTFS-3G can work properly. After all that I was able to mount my USB external HDD's with NTFS file systems. Yay! 

As a side note, I got to test out Aineko's multi-CPUs and did a make -j 8 (spawn 8 processes) after I did the make and install and it was definitely severl times faster. Nice!

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