Fedora 13 Goddard on Asus G2S-X3

Install notes (for future ref)

- Did the install with just "Graphical Desktop" and selected KDE instead of Gnome. No other customizations before install.

- Updated all packages. Enabled Livna and RPMFusion. Yum install kernel-headers. Updated. Installed kmod-nvidia. Rebooted. and then compiz with this:

yum install compiz compiz-gnome emerald emerald-themes fusion-icon compiz-fusion-extras compiz-fusion-extras-gnome compizconfig-backend-gconf from http://www.hackourlives.com/install-compiz-fusion-and-emerald-in-fedora-13-goddard/

-  Enabled compiz with System->Compiz Fusion Icon

Compiz Settings:

- Enable Rotate Cube, which should enable the desktop cube. Disable the other one that has conflicts. For the bindings on the screen edges use the MOUSE's binding (not just the screen edge) and set the rotate right and rotate left to be on their corresponding screen edge with mouse3 button

- Enable Expo and set as desired

- Enable "3D windows" for during mouse rotation

- Enable "Scale" and set the "Initiate Picker for all Windows" on the MOUSE setting, not the screen edge setting, and to be on button1 top-left.



- svn'd the latest (.08?) and yum install kernel-devel. did make and make install, echo 0 to the oled and it turned off. excellent. 


Think that completes the "hard" hardware stuff and even a bit of the software config. hoozah. 


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