Jolicloud 1.0 review 2 on Dell Mini 10

This last week I had the misfortune of trying to configure my netbook with WPA Enterprise WIFI using PEAP; the misfortune is that we entered the MAC address for my machine wrong 3 times, and each time thought we got it right. The end result was that I deleted my network manager at one point and the install of the new one failed, thus leaving me with out a network connection. I was left with no connection and no way to boot into the netbook really.

"Well", I thought to myself, "here is a perfect chance to explore some new OS's for my Netbook." Sadly NONE of the others that I tried out were functional for a Dell Mini 10, at least not in the way that uses the small screen and general "net" based functionality. It might be worth noting that Ubuntu proper did install on it, but as all the menus and such as made for a normal laptop, I couldn't see a number of options. MeeGo, Moblin, Fedora 13 LXDE all failed to install or boot after installing. Sad, because the Moblin/MeeGo seems like a pretty cool concept, nice looking interface from what I can see in the screen shots. But..  

So once I realized I was "stuck" with Jolicloud, I decided to try to address some of the issues that bug me about it and managed one tweak that I love: mouse lock.

This is an applet you can add to the panel that allows you to click on it and prevents the mouse from being active. trigger it again (configurable to a degree) and its back. its almost as good as the button I have dedicated for it on my laptop; only thing that would be better would be able to lock/unlock via a function key.

Otherwise, Jolicloud is still king of the netbook world in my book. Still looking for a way to add my own apps to the launcher, but until then the ability to trigger the old application menu popup via the "Windows" key on the KB is sufficient.


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