Citrix on Linux

I wrote this a while back when I had managed to get one of my CentOS 5.4 boxes setup with the Citrix client..  had to go dig for it today and figured I might as well post it.

So while this is still fresh in my head:

- The Citrix Receiver is required for doing a Linux connection to a citrix server. I do not know anything about the server itself, just how I got the client working (at least the problems that I had to fix to use the server that the company I work for has)
-- The receiver requires a certain Motif version, verify that it is correct on your linux box

- using the browser, I navigate to the company citrix page and then it tries to launch the Receiver.
- first error I got was "SSL ERROR 61"
-- Fixed by importing companies cert, "company.crt"
-- Export with Applications-->Firefox Web Browser-->Advanced-->Encryption-->View Certificates-->Authorities
--- Had to EXPORT this using firefox and then moved into the /usr/lib/ICAClient/keystore/cacert folder

- second error "provider code 20 SSL error 86"
-- Fixed by importing the authority servers files.
-- In my case it was Equifax, CA1.
-- In exporting these there was like 3 of them. I just did all of them and then moved them into the cacert folder as well.

And Voila! Now I get to connect to my windows box at work through the new VPN tunnel.

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