Juniper VPN, RSA Fob and Fedora

These are mostly just personalized notes grabbed from other places that I need to keep tidy


First of all, once I did the parts of the above, I copy the ncLinuxApp.jar around when I need it and extract it where I want.

- You might need to make the nvsvc explicitly executable

Extra troubles for Fedora 16 x64 bit and the RSA Fob require the following

- yum install 32 bit libs

sudo yum install glibc-devel.i686 libgcc.i686 zlib.i686

- compile the lib into an extract

gcc -m32 -Wl,-rpath,`pwd` -o ncui

- Download 32 bit jre, extract some place off the beaten path

- Adjust .bashrc (add this) to use the 32 bit java when running the ncui

if [ $3x = "NCx" ]
/opt/java/32bitJava/bin/java "$@"

- Login to the webpage (using your username, password and RSA SecureID), grab the remote cookie and look for the DSID and then use it (dont forget to put YOUR dsid value in place, but you DO need the DSID= on the line to work)

- Get the cert with FF, export as a DER ssl file type.

./ncui -h -c DSID=98a8sd7f9787ag987zc9v87 -f ssl.crt

This should just sit there.. if it does, try to ping or ssh into something if you were internal to the VPN network. If it fails..  ...



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