Project Ideas

Over the last few weeks I've been toying with the idea of some kind of game engine. We did this a few times in the AI class and I have a few options for exploration open to me:

  • Backgammon, which is a new game to me that I barely know the rules for.
  • Reversi (aka Othello)
  • Revisit the checkers project from my AI class
  • Revisit the clobber bots project from my AI class
  • Create a Sudoku game generator and solver

While the last one isn't really an AI project, I've still thought it could be a fun problem to solve. 

As a side note, as I am writing this, I started the process for installing the GNU Backgammon game (on Linux) that Wikipedia talks about and noticed that there over 300 major games now for download from the "apps store" on my Fedora 8 box, crazy!

Backgammon and Othello are of the most interest to me actually as they were some of the first game players to be able to beat humans. Both of these have GNU engines I can pit my AI against, so I will likely end up with one of them and it also would be easier to observing the decisions being made at each move unlike the clobber bots game. More next time I get bored and dream about this..


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