Garage dwelling "Super Computer" 2

So for some reason I've become obsessed with getting this done. I don't even have a good project to run on it really! Been looking on ebay for computers on pallets and it's just not reasonable for me to spend that kind of money I think; shipping will cost almost as much as the PC's do. Which brings me back to procurring them here or in Montana through friends/family and strangers who will take pity on me. And really until I can either find the stuff almost free or extremely cheap, my alternative is to just use my PC's around the house. Hrm. Not quite the dedicated cluster I envision but it would be fun to play with from time to time. Especially with my AI class I'm taking this fall, combine that with some parallel computing. Have 1 computer play against the cluster in a game of chess or something. Bwahaha.     
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