A cluster of possibilities

It would appear that I have something of a patron to sponsor me some computers for my "un-super computer" as it were. Not sure how many are available, but sounds like at least 6 PII 450MHz computers and possibly more than that. There are a few PIII's too, but ..  well, I have a few qualms about taking them. First if it's only like 3, it's not really enough to have as a cluster itself and if I just through them in, it means I've got hardware that doesn't really match. And largely, I still dont have a real project to use them for, so they might as well go to others who can actually use them. (450's aren't enough to do anything but cause other people headaches, so I dont feel bad about that.) I keep telling myself that if I build it, I'll find some uses. And maybe I will. I'll post more as it comes.
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