Flex, PHP, MySQL and SVN

I'm not going to write a whole lot about the demo projects I've been working on and mostly let them speak for themselves. The place to find them is http://jorgensons.net/websvn 

The coolest demo in there so far that I've fully setup is the  "DataUsage_RemoteObject" project. It's a (mostly) clean and simple example of how to model data from the data base to PHP to flex. The only thing I'm not proud of in there is the PHP updateUser function which takes a field name as a parameter. thus tightly coupling the Flex to the data base field name (and any changes that end up needing to be propogated)  Currently the demo only performs loading a user and updating that valid user ID. I think that's enough for today. Eventually I'll log the time into my new time tracking tool, but I haven't setup a guest account for people to view that yet either so I'm not going to bother with it for now.

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