So recently I've been reading a variety of enterprise web dev books, with java as the "medium" in which I'm working. O'Reilly books recently did a 50% off DRM free ebooks and I picked up a bunch of them. (http://oreilly.com/ is the site btw and it's awesome they do DRM free stuff).

I don't know the exact path I've followed getting here but was reading a book on Hibernate from a different publisher, went to try their examples and they are so out of date etc with no updates I could find that I had to search out a different tutorial. I came across: https://netbeans.org/kb/docs/java/maven-hib-java-se.html

Logging in here to submit this I realized I had written about Netbeans before, and it once again amazes me how much it can and will do for you with very little prompting. The tutorial is great for how to use Netbeans to connect to a database and us Maven to add the Hibernate dependencies, and then add the reveng file and the POJOs. I just wish I had saw all this back in 2007/2008.

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