Lifedrive: SSH and mVNC stories

So one day I was playing with my new device and as usual going on and on about it to my roommate (who, luckily for him, goes comatose when I start blathering) and he perked up with a challenge for me: he wanted to see me remote control the audio in our living room from my palm pilot. I'm not really sure how much he really thought it was possible, and to be honest, I didn't put a whole lot of thought into it until I realized that for get together's I usually toss my laptop on the receiver and use that rather than CD's. Then it was just a simple matter of getting the standard win32 VNC server setup, and presto! Using mVNC  I can connect to my laptop, see the screen in almost perfect real time and I have complete control of my listening preference. The client does a pretty good job of double and single clicks (for opening files, and for pressing the stop or play buttons on a music player) but I have a little trouble with clicks and drags. However, it is amazing to sit up stairs and adjust what my laptop is doing down stairs. 

Around this same time period, I was waiting for results from my first parallel programming assignment to finish on one of Boise State's Clusters. So I had set up the email notification to txt msg my phone when it finished. Well, I had to go to class, but didn't want to lug my laptop with me, so I downloaded an TuSSH for the device and was able to get onto the server and check out my results as soon as I was notified. How cool to control a 32 node "super computer" from the palm of my hand!

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