Google Calculator

Need to do some funky math on the fly and don't want to struggle through conversions between units etc?

Google's search engine also has a calculator built into it. I am not sure why but I am always working through how long a file transfer time will be or would be etc. 

Scenario: You have a 28 megabyte file and you know the outbound connection is capped at 92 kilobits per second (about .75 megabits) and you want to know how long the file transfer should take. Just enter "28 MB over 92 KBps in seconds" into Google search and there you have it in seconds. You can also change it to be minutes if you want, or hours or days (or any other time unit, try out centuries for some fun.) 

Hints: you MUST keep your initial units straight or the time will be wrong. 28 MB is different than 28 Mb! So if in doubt, resist using abbreviations. (MB is megabyte and Mb is megabit, at least according to Google).


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