Just wanted to note a few things tonight. This afternoon my main PC at work crashed and so I was forced to start trying to use my laptop to actually work. A few small snags, but for the most part it all came up wonderfully. In fact I have to admit that even compared to what it takes to go through a normal setup of Eclipse, Java, Tomcat etc etc etc that it went well. So mostly it was just copying files over, but I can gloat about figuring out how to do that much right?

So between that, and tweaking on my compiz settings and getting that to where I want it mostly (note to self, catalog the features and settings later) and then I got my WIFI workig...  yes, I am actually laying in bed, using Fedora 8 and updating my website. It doesn't sound like much but it feels like a major triumph.

Vidar rebooted tonight, seemingly only because I opened up Firefox in a FreeNX session. What really galls me is that I was bragging to my good buddy Doug about stability and all that. "Yeah it's been up for oh lets see, 60 days now, and assuming no power flickers happen any time soon, it should be up for another 60." And then like Murphy's Law requires, I get off the phone with him, go to open my browse up to download some software and boom. My remote session locks up and I'm left sitting wondering what happened for a few minutes while the server reboots. 

Short version: If it can go wrong, it will. 

 ** Update ** (Not that anyone cares really)

Our power went down for about 3 minutes tonight and then came back on, so all in all I don't feel too bad really. Either way, it's Idaho Power's fault now.

I just realized today that it wasn't Gmail that was prompting me to correct my spellings in emails, but Firefox! It seems to work on all text area boxes. What a cool idea, I'm surprised someone didn't think of this sooner. 

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