Galaxy spanning civilizations. Launching bags of sand at near speed of light as a weapon. Miniature black holes used as a method of propulsion. Artificial and human intelligence merged into one as a "star fighter" pilot.

I've been reading the Star Carrier series by Ian Douglas for the last month or so and it's been a perfect story line to set me up to start into Infinite Warfare. None of the above is in the game. But I love near time hard science fiction. Future sci-fi based on stretching the facts is great too.

I mention the book not only as a segue for the content, but it's also something you need for this game. My desktop is a little out of date, but I doubt a high end gaming machine of today will install _76_ gigs of data fast enough to not want to find something to do while you wait. In my desktops case it took a few hours. I'm not sure if it was downloading stuff as well, or if there is something up with my SATA connections on my SSD and DVD drive but it was about 3 hours total.

The start of the campaign is epic. Doing a door buster on Jupiter's moon Europa after a "HALO" style jump puts you right into playing. There is no intro on how to move, how to shoot etc. The graphics are pretty, they are futuristic looking and the action and music is intense.

I don't want to spoil anything for anyone so that is all I'll say. I've played for about an hour so far is all. But so far I love it. Released on my birthday, it was a game meant just for me.

I'm Chad Jorgenson, a software engineer with over 15 years of experience ranging from web to mobile app, to thin client and thick applications. C to Java and back again. 

This site is mostly used to keep track of tips and tricks I have used at some time or another. It also has details about various other things of interest to myself. 

Need a linux script to update your IP ? This uses the lynx command line browser and output to a file 
Setup as a cron job, get a dynamic IP account from
lynx -dump ""

Windows Vista: For some reason the last few versions of the JDK break the JRE for web browsers and the environment variables. The solution to the environment variables is..

=Add System Variables=


  • JAVA_HOME should have just the root of where the jdk is installed
    • e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_24
  • PATH 
    • should then have %JAVA_HOME%\bin added to it
    • In some cases this might be needed according to some websites, but I didn't add it to mine.
This setup worked for getting the Android SDK environment to work, as well as leaving the JRE web browser functionality in place.
-- edit --
As a note, you may have to press back and forward a few times on the Android SDK to get it to go when it says JDK not found. Not sure why it does that.


My server (and Idaho Power!) made it for 100 days without being turned off. I'm not sure if that is a record for this site or not, but probably pretty close.

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